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About Trigger Tracker

What is Trigger Tracker?

Trigger Tracker is a free online application for journaling. It lets you easily enter what you do and how you feel. It also lets you enter subjects to rate. The data entered can be output to graphs and reports. The aim of the application is to help people discover what makes them feel better.

Why use it?

It’s free, convenient, easy to use, and customizable. The real power in the system is its ability to produce visual output via graphs and reports. The goal of this output is to make your life’s “best practices” evident so you can feel better and meet your goals.

  • Completely confidential
  • Track how a new medication is working for you
  • See your daily routine in graphs and reports
  • Graph how well a lifestyle change is working out over time
  • Track excersize progress
  • Find what is triggering a medical issue
  • Customize and use for any number of diary or journalling scenarios


Track progress on plans you have, or how well a medication or exercise plan is working for you in a quick almost automatic way, that is accessible anywhere.

Journaling and rating an episode or symptom online with a computer, tablet or phone helps make it easier to inform your doctor with printouts, charts or your phone while visiting the doctor.

Once a trigger is identified it can be avoided in the future. Journaling on the computer may prove convenient and more accurate than writing what you did the day before or hours before your migraine hits.

Keeping a diary in Trigger Tracker will help you identify your “trigger foods” and proactive measures to help you feel better.