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Thousands have confidentially used Trigger Tracker to improve their lives..

"Trigger tracker raised my awareness about which supplements work for me and which did nothing." ~NvaderZim

"It's amazing to be able to see over time how everything in my life is related, and how a minor change in my sleep habits made a big difference for me." ~orlando_dawn

"when i saw the timeline, the graphs.. it really helped me realize how much better i feel when i take a 15 minute walk every day. i'm going for 25 minutes next." ~smithton7

"I changed my meds but over a couple months time with my schedule I didn't have time or data to backup any real change for my doctor... for better or worse. I just started using TriggerTracker to help keep track of my mood and medication. I love the graphs!!" ~AMY50

"Trigger Tracker helped me find what was triggering my stomach problems, and it was something I never suspected.. Vitamin C!" ~twinoakstom